Marketing Course


Unit 1: Introduction to Marketing

The Marketing Concept

The Marketing Mix

The Principles of Marketing

Digital marketing in today’s  business environment.

Unit 2: Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Traditional Marketing v. Digital Marketing

Roles in Digital Marketing

Client Management


Unit 3:  Marketing Plan

Target Customers

Unique Selling Proposition

Pricing & Positioning Strategy

Executive Summary


Unit 4: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Basics

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Optimising for better Search Engine Results

Rich Snippets

Course Duration:

3 Months

Entry Requirements:

PLC students, or applicants with relevent work or professional appearance. Entry to this  course is based on each applicant’s merits and individual work experience and is ideally targeted toward the individual who actively engages in the marketing function of a business, or aspires to do so.


An assessment will be conducted at the end of the Course.